Travels in Europe

In Yugoslavia

War years

In Sweden


© Olaf Jordan

At the Dresden Academy Jordan realized that it was with the pencil that he could best express himself, and he developed his very own mastery of detail and technique. After an initial period as an artist in Vienna he travelled around Europe, to Hungary, Italy, Spain, Holland, and France.

In France he met his future Swedish wife Helfrid. They married in 1931, and she went with him on stays in Holland (Jordan´s mother was of Dutch origin), in Paris, on the Riviera and in Yugoslavia. He earned their living as a portraitist - but, above all, he was always observing, sketching. His – often ironic – pictures drew attention at exhibits in, for instance, Holland and when published in the Riviera press. He was called a ‘master of the line’, and one critic found both satire and lyric poetry in his depictions of people in their various predicaments.