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© Olaf Jordan

Olaf Jordan managed to get to Lübeck, where he was confined for nearly two years as an ‘enemy alien’ and stateless citizen, unable to return to his home in Decin, which was now again in Czechoslovakia, nor to Dubrovnik. In 1947 he was allowed to go to Sweden to reunite with his wife and their three children. They had had to leave their home in Bohemia in the spring of 1945.

He began building up a new existence with Helfrid and their children in the town of Linköping. He started out with children´s portraits in pencil and then also worked with for instance his very own tempera technique, with watercolour and with oil. He gradually established himself in Sweden as a portrait and landscape painter and also made some portrait sculpture. At 58 he became partially disabled after a stroke and unable to use his studio utensils. He died eight years after, in September 1968.